Key Dates

Here is a list of dates that I ordered or started major pieces of my project. I have also put down the dates that I actually got the product. I know I have questions as I start my project as to how long it will take to "get started", so there may be other potential builders out there with the same questions. I will try to keep this page updated and may add a cost list as well at some point.

Lumber for Work Table (Lowes) 03/30/02 03/30/02
WAF's from TET 04/01/02 05/07/02
New Airfoil Plans from TET 04/01/02 04/23/02
Plans from Rand Robinson 04/01/02 04/26/02
Spruce Kit from Wicks 04/19/02 04/30/02
Plywood Kit from Wicks 04/19/02 04/30/02
Canopy from Todd's Canopy (Bulk order from KRNet) 10/03/02 11/05/02
Foam, fiberglass and metal parts from Wicks 10/25/02 11/01/02
Carbon Fiber from Advanced Composites 10/29/02 11/05/02
Main Landing gear from Diehl Aero-Nautical 03/03/03 03/18/03

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