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This page has been created to archive previous updates. It is starting small since I have not been very diligent in updating my website, but I hope to correct that.

Previous Update 8 July, 2007

Yes, it has been a year and a half since my last update. Shame on me. You may ask why has it been a year and a half?

It has been that long because I have moved. The United States Air Force decided it was time for me to move, so I moved from San Angelo, TX (Goodfellow AFB) to El Paso, TX (Fort Bliss) and unfortunatley, I travel alot in my new job so I have not had much time to work on my plane. I bring all my files with me to try to update the website everytime I go TDY (temporary duty), but this is the first trip I've had the time to work on it. I've updated a few pages to try to get them current, but there are still a few things left to update (the most recent work is still on the camera in the garage--and those are from late January).

This update puts new pictures in each of the following pages: canopy page, the front deck page, the rudder controls page, the rear deck page, and the corvair page. I have also created a new page dedicated to the move.

Here are a couple of pictures of my KR2S on the trailer ready for the move.

Here is a picture showing the current status of my KR2S.

Previous update: (14 November, 2005)

Just a minor update on my canopy hinges. I now have 760 hours of construction time.

Previous Update: (13 Nov 2005)

When I am working on the plane, I have the camera set up to take pictures every 1 minute. Eventually, I may try to put them together into some kind of a video file, but for now it gives me many photo's to choose from while I update my web site. Some time ago, I quit putting links on the small pictures that would open larger versions. This was done to save some space on my website (I no longer have that limitation). Now all my web pages use the same size pictures, 640X480. If you have a need to see any picture in its full size (1280X960) email me at kr2s "at sign" and let me know the file name.

Previous Update: (13 November, 2005)

This is another minor update (from the 8 November update) in that I have only added a few more pictures to the canopy page. I have also created a new page dedicated to the instrument panel, and a new page dedicated to the rear deck. I also made a small update to the seat page.

Previous update: (10 October, 2005)

Sorry it has been so long since the last update. Since the last update, I went to Oshkosh and the Air Force sent me to Korea for a month. Once I got back, family and other things at work have prevented me from working as much on the plane as I would have liked. Now that I'm working on the plane again, I hope to get more done. The other thing that has kept me from working on the plane has been my frustration with trying to get the canopy attached. I have added more pictures to the canopy page. I've spent many hours contemplating the best method to attach the canopy and I am now working on "plan B" because "plan A" did not work as well as I had hoped. I now have 720 hours of construction time.

The first two pictures were taken prior to Oshkosh. You can still see the temporary instrument panel with cutouts of my instruments taped to it in these pictures. When I was at Oshkosh, I found out that Dynon is now finally making their large screen EFIS. When I got back, I sent my newly acquired EFIS D10A back in exchange for the new EFIS D100. I'm still waiting for it to ship. The last two pictures were taken today and show the progress with the canopy.

Previous update: (3 July, 2005)

With this update, I have pretty much got everything online. There are still some things to be documented, but for the most part, it's all here now. I have added pages to document the seat construction and have started a page for the canopy (not much in this one yet). I hope to have more pages updated soon. I now have 692 hours of construction time.

This picture is the most recent picture I have taken of the plane. Disregard the stuff in the back of it, I just needed someplace to put a few things. In this picture it is sitting on a "Mark I Leveling Device" (aka trashcan) so that I can epoxy the lower brake pivot bracket in place. You can see more at the bottom of the Rudder Controls page. Till next update...

Previous update: (2 July, 2005)

This minor update adds a few pictures to controls pages. I broke out the original controls page into two smaller pages dealing with the aileron controls and the rudder controls.

Previous update: (16 June, 2005)

This is a major update. I have been very negligent about getting the pictures out of the camera and transferred to the web. I am by no means done catching up, but this is the closest I've been to current in a long time (3 years maybe?) I've finally updated my countdown timer for Oshkosh (it was showing -689 days to go!) I've created a previous updates page. This moves all the previous updates onto one page so I can keep the front page relatively clear. I've also updated the controls page and the Corvair page. I've added pages to document the firewall and the front deck. I hope to have more pages updated soon.

This picture is not the most recent (as you will see as you go through the updated links), but I like it because it has Ricky Lynn (my 8 year old son) in it. Till next update...

Previous update: (9 November, 2004)

Now that the new webserver is up and running, I've added a new page (see tail wheel below). I have many more pictures to go through yet, so eventually I'll add a page for the main landing gear as well as update the fuselage pages with more current pictures. Till then...

Previous update: (19 October, 2004)

I know it's been awhile! I ran out of space on my account and have been unable to make any updates. Actually, I have not actually worked on my airplane much either to be able to make any updates. I've currently managed to get the front and rear spars actually glued into the boat. I've also put the gear on and she stood on her own three feet last night for the first time.

This update is more to test to see when my new provider goes online (if you can see this update, it's online). Once I get a chance to copy the pictures from my camera, I'll post a few more pics. Until then....

Previous status update: (28 April, 2003)

I now have just over 163 hours of "construction time" on my airplane over the last 11 months. If you look at my Builders log (I let Excel build this web page), you will see that there were times when several months passed without me working on my bird at all followed by periods of frenzied construction. I keep telling myself that I will try to work more often, yet something always seems to come up keeping me out of the garage. My latest endeavor has been to work on some of the metal parts for my control system. Once I started working on the parts, I sat back and tried to think what method I was going to use for corrosion control. In the end, I decided that it would be a fun "experiment" to anodize a few scrap parts to see if the process was feasible to accomplish on the scale required for a KR. Check out the new section on Corrosion control and see how I did it and to see some sample pieces. To see some of the finished products, go to Controls. I have not done too much work on the boat other than to do some quick trial fitting of some of the wing parts (see Wings).

Previous status update: (12/7/02)

I now have the basic "boat" almost done (it's only taken how long now?) Both sides have been joined, the bottom cross members are in place and the bottom plywood skin is in place. The top aux longerons are in place and all bracing beyond station "I" is in place. I'm about half way done with the firewall construction process. I have also added a new section called "Oops!" (check it out to see what not to do).

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