Corvair Engine Log

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This page documents the disassembly, cleaning and rebuilding of the Corvair motor I plan to use for my KR2-S.

10 March, 2005

I attended the San Antonio Corvair College back in Jan of 2003 knowing that I wanted to build a Corvair for my KR2S. I managed to get a card from one of the local CORSA guys and proceeded to "file it away" for when I actively started looking for a motor. As luck would have it, I lost it for about a year. When I found the card again, I gave him a call. He told me he had 20 or 30 motors in his shop and that he would look to see if any of them were the ones I wanted and call me back. Now it was his turn to loose my number and I did not hear back from him for some time. I live in San Angelo Texas, and my parents live in San Antonio (about 200 miles away). When the kids and I were down visiting for Thanksgiving (2004), I got a call from the gentleman with all the core motors asking if I was still interested--Need I tell you my response? I drove out to his shop that afternoon and picked up my new motor.

This is the original core motor.

26 April, 2008

And this is what it looks like now (as of 26 April, 2007).

I've mentioned in the past that when I build, I set the camera up to take pictures at one minute intervals. I figured that eventually I would try to put the pictures into a video clip. Well, I've been playing with it and have created a video clip that follows the building of my motor. It starts with the motor sitting in the back of my Suburban and concludes with the current status of the motor as it sits on the mock firewall. For those who may be interested, I have a 6MB version and a 23MB version.

Small file

Large file

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