Corvair Engine Assembly--Valves and Oil Pan

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November 05, 2007 (April 26, 2008)

The date listed for this update is when the work was done, the actual update is 26 April, 2008. I wanted to try to reflect when the work was actually done (I'll try to do that from now on.)

The work on this page takes place right after the work on the Alternator Bracket was done. Before I could procede to the next step, I had to put the prop hub back on so we can stand it up on the table.

I used a piece of scrap plywood and a couple of pieces of 2x4 to make the mount. I mounted this to the prop hub.

Before I mounted the motor to my work table, I took the oportunity to clean up some of the parts I was going to need for this stage of the installation. In these two pictures, I am cleaning up the folded fin oil cooler. I took the end cap off and cleaned years of dirt out of every nook-and-cranny I could get to. I also cleaned out the inside as best I could by flushing it with acetone and then using compressed air to dry everything out.

I also used the same method to clean out all the pushrods. When I got the engine, it had two bent pushrods so I managed to pick up a few extras when I got the second core motor. In this picture, I'm going through the selected pushrods one last time to verify I have the straight ones.

Now on to assembly. It's just a matter of putting a pushrod in the tube, then placing the rocker arm over them and installing the nut.

After all the rocker arms were installed, I refered to William's book in order to get the correct method to adjust the valves.

Install the modified deep sump oil pickup.

Install the dipstick (there is a coat of grey RTV to help seal it where it goes into the block.

There is a bit of try and fit to get the deep sump oil pan installed. You have to put it on as best you can, mark, then remove and trim the holes a little to get all the studs to work right.

Once all the holes line up, I put a thin coat of grey RTV on both sides of the cork gasket before installing the deep sump oil pan.

Then torque all the bolts down. The problem I had with this is when I got all the nuts to the correct torque, the gasket squezed out near the cam gear. I'll have to get a new one to install before I actually put the motor on the airplane (I'll use it as is for now as I build the Mock Firewall, then I'll replace it when I pull the motor off the mount to put it on the plane.)

After I put the oil pan in place, I installed the folded fin oil cooler (sorry, no pictures of this in progress, but you'll see it in the next section, Mock Firewall, already installed.) The motor is now assembled.

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