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Here I am cleaning up the oil housing.

All cleaned up and painted.

This is the oil housing from the first motor to show a comparison of how well they can clean up.

Before (from first motor) and after (new motor) front cover.

Before (from first motor) and after (new motor) case halves.

All the parts to assemble the new High Volume oil pump (I did not read Williams open email prior to ordering it and installing it or I would have saved the money and gone with the stock unit).

Using Plastigauge to check the fit.

All it's missing now is the safety wire!

I managed to get a good deal (I'm not telling how good) on the prototype cover William originally used on his 601. This is the cover that has screwed in fittings vice the welded fittings he now uses and sells. You may not be able to see it in this picture, but there is a large amount of red silicon around the gasket surface. When I asked William about it, he told me it was from when they were trying to track down an oil leek on his motor. Turns out the leak was coming from the area where the top cover meets the case around the serial numbers. The recess from the numbers was enough to allow oil to seep through. The proper method for sealing this to the oil housing is the stock gasket from the WW120 gasket kit (Clarks) that has been sprayed on both sides with copper spray.

Here is the same cover that has been stripped of the blue paint William uses and repainted with the same Chevy Orange-Red I have used on the rest of the motor.

Reinstalling the four studs on the oil housing end (pulley end). These originally were for the motor mount.

Here the crank gear gets a liberal coating of lithium grease in preparation for the front cover. You may note that this picture was taken before I put the cylinders in the proper order (see the pistons and cylinder page for more information).

After the gasket was sprayed with the copper coating, I put the front cover on.

And torqued the bolts to spec.

A preview showing the prop hub on the motor (it is not bolted on yet). You may notice the fiberlock nuts on the pulley assembly. That was all I had when I was test fitting the assembly; I now have the metal locknuts required for all bolts in front of the firewall.

Here are a few of the other parts I have waiting to install as they become needed. The goodies shown are: Firewall stainless steel, JD Alternator and regulator, Duel points distributor with cap, new lifters, new plugs, CHT wires (6), new oil pickup (modified by WW for the deep sump pan), low profile starter and mounts, top cover, oil pan mounting hardware, rocker arm grooved balls, head gaskets and Bosch coils. I received my duel condenser hours after this picture was taken. I'm still waiting for the deep sump oil pan, motor mount and my heads to come back from William.

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