Corvair Engine Disassembly

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This page documents the disassembly of the Corvair motor I plan to use for my KR2-S.

10 March, 2005

Here is the motor core in the back of my Suburban back in San Angelo.

Since I'm not big enough to man-handle this thing out of the truck by myself and my kids are not big enough to help, I had to disassemble the motor in the back of the truck in order to get it out--one bolt at a time.

This picture is evidence that this motor may have experienced some damage in the past.

These are the pushrod tubes. All in all, they are not in to bad of shape.

Here I am cleaning them up a bit.

I will have to get a picture of them now that they have been cleaned up and painted.

Imagine my disappointment when I saw this.

Once I got the case halves apart, this is what I found.

When I told the guy I bought the case from, he let me come and pick out a different crank. He had a turbo motor that was partially disassembled that he let me take. It did not matter that it did not have heads since I could still use the ones from the first core and the crank and case halves are the same that we use for flight motors anyway. Here I have help with the disassembly process (I think she just wanted to wear the cool gloves).

When I opened the oil pan, I discovered that this engine had also ingested a piston ring at some point in its life (the pistons attached to the crank when I got it were all good--so somebody replaced the piston without even removing the oil pan!).

When I got the new core, I picked up a few extra items that were unusable from the first one. I had to get one pushrod tube (the original had a bad seal groove on one end), and three pushrods to replace bent ones. Here I am in the processes of cleaning them up.

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